The Displaced

The following video shows the effect  war has had on a boy from Sudan, a boy from the Ukraine and a girl from Syria. The trauma that these children have endured is horrific.

“In the morning my mother was gone. We were separated in the confusion”

They say themselves that they are no longer children. When it all over it is their plan to become children again.

“They were put in the house and burned alive”

They are truly heart wrenching stories of children who only want to be children, playing with their friends, spending time with family and going to school.  How can we help this happen for these children? How can we give them hope?

“His body lay in the garden all winter”

They work long days, etching out a living  and in some cases avoiding getting  eaten by crocodiles, existing in the liminal space, waiting. Their sense of loss and hopelessness  is palpable.

“I’d go back to being a little girl like I was” Hana

“If I could I would tun into a lion and finish off my enemies and turn back into a child” Chuol

“..even if shells are falling around us, I won’t leave my home again” Oleg

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