Fundamentals of Education

Empowerment and Hope

 The fundamentals of education within the context of refugees must include education that enables students to reach their full potential, giving them real possibilities in their present and new environments in a compassionate and inclusive manner. Education promotes self-belief and self-determination which empowers individuals to be self-reliant while also embracing and directing their own lives with clear purpose. Moreover education provides hope of a better life.

“In the midst of violence and instability, school is a place of learning and opportunity, a sanctuary for healing and health, and a haven of normalcy and hope for the future. Education not only increases the chances that, someday, children will be able to support themselves and seek a better life for their families; it also provides them with the skills to rebuild their societies. And it can instill in them a desire to seek reconciliation when the conflicts have been resolved and the catastrophes have ended.” Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director – July 3, 2015

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What’s in My Bag?

After basic needs of food, shelter and safety are met, education is the next aspect of life that refugees request. Education affects change. Having read and viewed the images “What’s in my Bag” several times, I am brought to tears each time as I see the meagre possessions that these refugees were allowed to bring with them. Practicality must be prioritised over emotional attachment.
I am struck by the presence of technology in ‘What’s in my Bag?” and see this as a vital tool and learning space in the 21st century. Technology allows flexibility of learning spaces which is important  for those who don’t have camp schools or children for various reasons can’t attend schools. It’s immune to the  uncertainty which surrounds the life of a refugee. Read more 

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