Whole of Syria Education

I wonder what the future holds for the millions of children who are missing out on their education. Although education is a  priority after shelter and food, for many refugees education opportunities do not seem to materialise. There are many factors that contribute to this:

  • Girls are required to stay at home and help with chores.
  • Discrimination and victimisation of girls and ethnic minorities
  • Learning is difficult in classrooms that are overcrowded and dirty, that lack furniture, and that have insufficient or inappropriate equipment and materials.
  • Safety of route to and from school in the camps
  • Calais children are awake half the night in their efforts to jump on trucks travelling to Britain.
  • Disillusionment by parents and children in this liminal space
  • Psychological and emotional difficulties due to traumatic life events

WoS  in association with the UNCHR and Save the Children have developed a consistent approach  to the education of refugees in camps in Jordan, Turkey and Syria. Given that many of the children will spend their entire schooling lives within these camps, WoS recognises that  there is a need to provide resources to families and children who do not attend school. It provides reports, guidelines, maps and most importantly a Self-Learning Programme  which has been developed for out-of-school children and those who are at risk of dropping out in Syria. The Programme provides an alternative to those who cannot access formal education so they can learn and pursue national accreditation. Developed by the MoE, UNICEF and UNRWA, the Self-Learning materials cover all core subjects for grades 1 to 9.
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