Teaching Teachers

The length of time children spend in refugee camps can vary, anything from a couple of months up to 17 years.  Therefore it is vital that children are given the opportunities in education in order that they may build a future. Teachers are key in this process. Children need teachers who are well trained not only in curriculum content and pedagogies, but also teachers who understand the pressures and challenges of teaching in a refugee camp.


In Domiz Refugee Camp in Iraq a new initiative (in partnership with the International Refugee Committee, Ericssons and Asiacell) was launched in 2015 focusing on teaching the teachers who are already on the ground in the camp through an online platform called Connect to Learn.



‘Ericsson’s cloud-based ICT platform, Connect to Learn, is accessed through 3G internet provided by Asiacell, providing teachers access to resources that help them learn how to better meet the complex needs of conflict-affected children and aims to improve children’s learning outcomes. Through this technology, teachers have access to teacher training materials that have been developed or curated by the International Rescue Committee, which are aimed at helping teachers to create safe, quality learning environments. Teachers will also be able to use the technology to connect to each other to share strategies and resources across partner schools.’

Building a Future for the Youngest Refugees

Connect to Learn



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